New Isotech ADVANCED Models Provide Greater Accuracy and Additional Features for Industrial and laboratory Temperature Calibrations

We have been providing calibration solutions for more than 30 years, from Primary Standards for National Metrology Institutes through to handheld calibrators for service engineers.

Our portable calibrators have set a number of world firsts, the first Dry Blocks to feature an independent inbuilt temperate indicator and the first Dry Blocks to reach -100°C.

The award winning ISOCAL-6 was the first calibrator to offer both Dry Block and Liquid Bath use. It remains the only device to offer six modes of calibration.

These new advanced models add extra features bringing benefits of greater performance, more input channels, advanced logging and remote monitoring with a bright full color display.

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Europa, Venus &
Calisto Temp
Hyperion & DragoTemp
(-25 to 250°C)
Jupiter 650 Temp
(35 to 650°C)
Pegasus 1200 Temp
(150 to 1200°C)