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Blackbody Fixed Point Cells
Isotech, Blackbody Fixed Point Cells, intrinsic Infrared standards

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ITS-90 Primary sources
Fixed-Point Cells for Blackbody Sources

  • Primary Standard Fixed Points
  • Unique Patented Design
  • High Accuracy
  • Blackbody Radiation Sources
  • Long Flat Plateau
  • ITS 90 Fixed Points

Primary Standard Cells
Point Part Number Temperature Apparatus
Indium 998-06-00A 156.60°C Medusa R
Tin 998-06-00B 231.93°C Medusa R
Zinc 998-06-00C 419.53°C MEdusa R
Aluminium * 998-06-00D 660.32°C Oberon R
Silver* 998-06-00E 961.78°C Oberon R
Copper* 998-06-00G 1084.62°C Oberon R
Medium Temperature "Hockey Puck" Cells
Point Part Number Temperature Apparatus
Gallium 431-03-00 29.7646°C Gemini R
Indium 976-05-00A 156.60°C Gemini R
Tin 976-05-00B 231.93°C Gemini R
Zinc 976-05-00C 419.53°C Gemini R
High Temperature Cells for the Pegasus R
Point Part Number Temperature Apparatus
Indium 970-06-00A 156.60°C Pegasus R
Tin 970-06-00B 231.93 Pegasus R
Zinc 970.06.00C 419.53°C Pegasus R
Aluminium* 970-06-00D 660.32°C Pegasus R
Silver* 970-06-00E 961.78 Pegasus R

* These cells are required to be surrounded by gas for protection at high temperatures (See model 984)

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