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Model 885 - TRIO 3 Channel Thermocouple Compensator
Isotech, Model 885 - TRIO 3 Channel Thermocouple Compensator

Product Code: TRIO
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Thermocouple Compensator "Isotech 885 - TRIO"

Three Channel Thermocouple Referencing System

Three Channel Referencing System

The Isotech Trio is a low-cost, accurate, portable unit designed to compensate three thermocouples for the variation EMF caused by the cold junction not being at the standard reference temperature of 0C.

Tables are available for each thermocouple combination which give the voltage versus temperature variation. The Trio senses the ambient temperature and generates an electrical voltage to cancel out the variation, thus providing equivalent of a 0C cold junction reference bath. The Isotech Trio contains three electronic networks, incorporating a temperature-sensitive element which is thermally integrated with the thermocouple cold junction for maximum precision.

The unit is mains operated. The Trio is manufactured to the highest standards and after assembly each unit is calibrated to ensure conformance to the relevant thermocouple table. A wide range of thermocouple types are available. As standard, six thermocouple combinations are offered to customer requirements. The internal structure of the Trio allows either one, two or three thermocouple types to be compensated.