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Dryblock Calibrators, Fast Cal Series Drywells
Isotech Fastcal Dryblock Temperature Calibrators
Available in 3 Ranges:
Low -35C to 140C, Medium 30C to 350C and High 35C to 650C
  • Lightweight (15 lbs.)
  • Fast response, high stability.
  • Standard PC interface with software.
  • 5 point NIST traceable calibration certificate included.
Base Price: $4,275.00

Product Code: FASTCAL

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   Product Description

Dry Block Calibrator "Fast-Cal"

Temperature Calibrator with Fast Response

Fast-Cal - the product range you designed!

During a recent Isotech seminar, twenty experienced engineers from many parts of the world were asked to produce their ideal specification for industrial Dry Block Calibrators. Their top ten requirements, in order of priority, are listed below.

1. Rugged 6. Time saving features
2. Light weight 7. Multiple sensor testing
3. Easy to use on site 8. Software
4. Low cost / high benefit ratio 9. Modern design
5. Fast response, high stability 10. Compliant with the latest regulations

The result is our new range of Fast-Cal dry block calibrators

Secrets of Success The key secret of Isotech's success is knowledge. By applying our insight from the manufacture of National, Primary and Secondary laboratory apparatus to the Industrial Fast-Cal, you get the full benefit of our experience. Software CalNotePad: Included as standard. This permits you to connect both an indicator and the calibration bath to the PC. You can view data on clear configurable chart displays, log data to file and control the calibration bath.

Fast-Cals are available in basic or complete models.
Model HTM2010 Low Medium High
Range at 20C -35C to 140C -35C to 140C 30C to 350C 30C to 650C
Stability 0.02C 0.02C 0.03C 0.03C to 0.05C
Accuracy - Basic 0.2C 0.2C 0.3C 1C (500C)
2C (650C)
Accuracy - Complete 0.15C 0.15C 0.2C 0.5C
Heating Time -35 to +140C in 15 min -35 to +140C in 15 min 50 to +350C in 15 min 50 to 650C in 15 min
Cooling Time +140 to -30C in 15 min +140 to -30C in 15 min 350 to 100C in 15 min 650 to 300C in 15 min
Calibration Capacity 145mm depth 8, 6.5, 3x4.5 148mm depth 25mm 148mm depth 25mm 148mm depth 25mm
Power 150W 150W 750W 750W
NIST Traceable Certificate Included Included Included Included
PC Communications & Software Included Included Included Included
4-20mA Input Complete Models Complete Models Complete Models Complete Models
Dimensions 228mm x 248mm x 143mm (9" x 10" x 5.6") 228mm x 248mm x 143mm (9" x 10" x 5.6") 228mm x 248mm x 143mm (9" x 10" x 5.6") 228mm x 248mm x 143mm (9" x 10" x 5.6")
Weight 14 lbs. (6.4 kg) 14 lbs. (6.4 kg) 14 lbs. (6.4 kg) 14 lbs. (6.4 kg)


Fastcal Datasheet Fastcal Manual
Fastcal Datasheet Fastcal Manual

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