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Blackbody Calibrator, 970 PEGASUS R - High Temperature Blackbody Source
Isotech, Blackbody Calibrator, 970 PEGASUS R Blackbody Source
High Temperature IR Thermometer Calibrator 150°C to 1200°C (2192°F)

  • 150°C to 1200°C (2192°F)
  • 0.995 Emissivity
  • Ideal for Raytek ST, MX & CI Series thermometers
  • Includes External Reference Probe
  • Accepts Fixed Point Cells
  • NIST Certificate: For the built-in Indicator and supplied probe
Base Price: $11,376.00

Product Code: 970 PEGASUS R

   Product Description

Black Body Calibrator "970 PEGASUS R"

High Temperature Black Body Source for Radiation Pyrometers

A compact furnace for calibrating radiation pyrometers, the Pegasus R sets the temperature of the furnace on a controller while an independent indicator, whose sensor is built into the furnace's cavity, indicates the actual radiance temperature. The cavity's diameter is 0.8" (20mm). The depth is 2.6" (65mm). The emissivity is 0.995. The cavity is removable and a fixed-point cell may be put in its place.

A Blackbody Target Radiation Source is housed within the Pegasus R for the calibration of radiation thermometers in the wave-length range of 9 to 14 micrometers. Incorporating suitable insulation within its design, this radiation source's aperture is 0.4" (10mm) in diameter. A scan across the aperture at 444°C demonstrates the source is uniform to better than 0.3°C. Traceability may be established with a NIST certificate for the built-in indicator and supplied probe.

The Pegasus R's temperature range is 150°C to 1200°C with a stability of 0.1°C. Time to temperature is 20 minutes. It weighs only 15 lbs. and is easily carried in the field for on-site use. The Pegasus R can be supplied with either RS232 or RS422 communications.
Temperature Range 150°C to 1200°C (2192°F)
Emissivity 0.995
Accuracy ±1°C at 1000°C
Stability ±0.1°C
Computer Interface Included with Windows Software
Cavity Size 20mm (0.8") X 65mm (2.5") deep
Heating Rate 25°C / Minute
Power Supply 120 VAC ±10% or 240 VAC, 800W
Dimensions (HxWxD) 310mm (~12") x 265mm (~10.5") x 200mm (~8")
Weight 13 kg (29 lbs.)

Pegasus R Datasheet Intro to Black Bodies
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