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ITS-90 Fixed Points

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Isotech, Triple Point of Water Mantle Maker
Water Triple Point Ice Mantle Maker, Model 452

Simplify the Creation of your Water Triple Point
Form beautiful strain-free ice mantles
Sostmann-Isotech Gallium Cell & Apparatus
Sostmann-Isotech Gallium Cell & Apparatus

Automate your Gallium point!

29.7646°C (±0.000025°C)
It is ready for use all day & everyday without user intervention
Day to Day reproducibility of ±0.000025°C (0.025mK)

  • 20 years of deliveries world-wide without a breakage
  • 99.999999% purity. Yes 8N! For a slope-free plateau
  • A new Gallium plateau every day, all day, forever. Switch it on and forget it!
  • Long term stability. After 10 years our Cell is still within 40K of our newly made Reference Cell, audited to within 0.000030°C of our Nations Standard Cell, and within 0.000,031°C of Italy's National Standard
  • Reproducibility day to day of ±0.000025°C.
  • Elapsed time indicator tells where you are on the plateau
  • 250mm immersion
  • No maintenance, attention or liquids required
  • UKAS certification available relating the Cell to ITS-90

Isotech Mercury Triple-Point Apparatus
Mercury Triple-Point Apparatus

-42°C to -36°C (-32°F)
Ideal and user-friendly Mercury Triple Point Apparatus
Isotech LN2 Nitrogen Boiling Point Apparatus
Nitrogen Boiling Point Aparatus

-196°C (-320°F)
Realizes and maintains the boiling point of nitrogen or argon
Jarrett Isotech Triple Point of Water
Jarrett-Isotech Water Triple Point Cells

The World Leader in Water Triple Point Cells

  • More Sizes and Styles to Choose from.
  • In Stock for Quick Delivery.

Isotech Primary ITS-90 Fixed Point Cells
Primary Laboratory Large Quartz Fixed Point Cells

Primary Fixed Point Cells
Isotech Manufactures Cells from Mercury to Copper
Our Cells offer Better Immersion Depth than our Competitors

  • Cells of International Acceptance
  • 99.99995% purity
  • ITS-90 Fixed Points
  • Sealed or Open Models

Metal Clad ITS 90 Fixed Point Cells
Metal Clad Optimal ITS-90 Fixed Point Cells

Primary Fixed Point Cells
Our Cells offer Better Immersion Depth than our Competitors
  • 99.99995% purity
  • Available in Indium, Tin, Zinc and Aluminum
  • 205mm immersion
  • Cells of International Acceptance
  • ITS-90 Fixed Points

  • Metal Clad ITS-90 Fixed Points, Intrinsic Temperature Standards
    Metal Clad Slim Fixed Point Cells

    Metal Clad Fixed-Point Cells From Mercury to Aluminum
    Bring your Calibrations Back Under your Own Control!

    • Fixed Point Cells and Apparatus for Special Applications
    • Shorter immersion for the Calibration of Industrial Sensors
    • Economic
    • Much less fragile than Quartz cells

    Isotech, Isotower ITS-90 Fixed Points
    Isotower ITS-90 Fixed Points

    New - New Concept in Primary Temperature Calibration !
    ITS-90 Isothermal Fixed Point Towers

    • Large cell performance with slim cell price
    • 30 Hour Plateaus
    • Uniquely integrated device with know immersion characteristics
    • Simple & safe with no glass parts
    • Easily transportable - Perfect Audit Item
    • Lower your uncertainties and increase your confidence
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