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Primary Laboratory Large Quartz Fixed Point Cells
Isotech Primary ITS-90 Fixed Point Cells

  • Cells of International Acceptance

  • 99.99995% purity

  • ITS-90 Fixed Points

  • Sealed or Open Models

Product Code: LARGE CELLS
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   Product Description

ITS-90 Fixed Point Cells

Pure-Metal Freezing Point Cells

Primary Fixed Point Cells First developed during the 1970's by Henry Sostmann these cells meet all the requirements of science and industry for Fixed Point Realizations of ITS-90.

The cells now offered by Isotech have been increased in purity and length to conform to the requirements of optimal realizations except that we have sealed in 1 atmosphere of 6N pure argon at the freeze temperature for you. Sealed optimal realizations of ITS-90 are made from metal exceeding 6N5 purity and have a useable depth below the metal surface of more than 200mm. They come complete with Inconel basket, a carry case and the necessary heat shunts and reflectors to enable them to fit into our apparatus.

Sealed cells must be hand carried. UKAS or NIST certification is also available for sealed cells.