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OBERON 426 - High Temperature Furnace
Isotech's Oberon Calibration Furnace (450 to 100°C)

Product Code: 426 OBERON
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50 x 300mm Calibration Volume
Compact Heatpipe Furnace
Suits Aluminium, Silver or Copper Fixed Points
Can be used for comparison and infrared calibration

Model 426 is for aluminium, Silver or Copper slim fixed point cells.

The furnace core is a specially-designed stress-free isothermal heat pipe, which provides a very low thermal gradient along the core working length.

The heatpipe is designed so that the inner wall is not subject to thermal expansion stresses from the outer wall before the heat pipe reaches conduction temperature. The working fluid is permanently and safely sealed within the plasma-arc welded enclosure.

The Oberon can be used with Blackbody Fixed Point Cells.
Model 426
Temperature Range 450°C to 1100°C
Stability ±0.05°C
Display Resolution 0.1°C
Cavity Size 50mm diameter
300mm deep
Time to temperature 4 hours
Communications Supplied as standard with serial interface, PC adapter cable and Cal Notepad
Power 110 Vac, 1.5kW, 50/60Hz
(230 Vac Transformer available)
Dimensions H 410mm
W 415 mm
D 280mm
Weight 30.5kgs
Metal Block Bath 426-06-05 Adjustable Equalizing Block. Six pockets 8mm x 160mm deep.
ITS-90 Fixed Point ITL M 17672QS Aluminium Quartz Clad Slim Cell
Apparatus ITL M 17673QS Silver Quartz Clad Slim Cell
ITL M 17674QS Copper Quartz Clad Slim Cell
Inconel Basket
including insulators
230/110V Transformer 935-19-43

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