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Oceanus 6 - P.O.T.T.S Temperature Calibrator
Isotech, Oceanus 6, Deep Immersion Dry Block
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Block Calibrator or Automated Fixed Points

-25°C to 140°C (282°F)
10" Deep for Long Sensors
Optional Inserts for Black Body & Liquid Bath

  • Universal Input Temperature Indicator included in S Model to allow for programming of up to five “correction” points
  • ITS-90 Fixed Points can be used with the Gallium and Triple Point of Water Fixed Point Cells
  • Dry or Liquid Bath
  • Windows Software and PC Interface
  • High Capacity Deep Block for Very Long Thermometers
  • Ideal for Laboratory Comparison and Fixed-Point Calibrations

Base Price: $9,003.00

Product Code: OCEANUS

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Use with Water and Gallium Fixed Points
Can also be used as a Dry Block, Liquid Bath
-25°C to 140°C

The multi-functions of the Oceanus-6 is a unique concept from Isotech, so unique that it is currently the subject of a patent application.

The Oceanus-6 is a complete calibration laboratory working over the temperature range 45°C below ambient temperature to +140°C. It permits the calibration of temperature sensors absolutely (at fixed points of the ITS-90 scale) or by comparison to a reference standard.

It will calibrate both contact and noncontact thermometers such a optical pyrometers, surface sensors, liquid in glass thermometers as well as thermistors, thermocouples and resistance thermometers, whether they are short, long or odd shaped. Further it permits maintenance of reference standards by confirming the ICe or Water triple point at regular intervals.

The Oceanus-6 has a calibration volume of 52mm diameter and 300mm deep and is supplied with the very latest technology digital indicator, timer and controller making the Oceanus-6 a complete self-contained calibration laboratory.

The Oceanus-6 offers unprecedented accuracies of ±0.0002°C (2 Sigma) at the Water triple point and the Gallium melt temperature of 29.7646°C and up to ±0.005°C in the stirred bath option (by comparison).
Model 580
Temperature Range 45°C below ambient to +140°C
Absolute minimum temperature -25°C
Absolute Stabilities over 30 minutes:
Metal Block Bath ±0.03°C
Stirred Liquid Bath ±0.025°C
Ice/Water Bath ±0.001°C
Black Body Source ±0.3°C
Surface Sensor Calibrator ±0.5°C
ITS-90 Fixed Point ±0.0002°C
Calibration volume 50mm diameter x 300mm deep
Uniformity ±0.018°C
Controller Resolution 0.1 to 0.01 (4 digit display)
Indicator Resolution 0.1 to 0.01 (4 digit display)
Indicator Units °C, °F, K
Communications Supplied as standard with serial interface, PC adaptor cable and Cal Notepad.
Power 300W, 108-130 or 208-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Dimensions H 430mm
W 310mm
D 300mm
Weight 17kg
Metal Block Bath Standard Insert 6 pockets all 8.0mm diameter by 250mm deep (Custom inserts of any configuration available).
Stirred Liquid Bath Stirred Liquid Container ( For alcohols, water & oil)
C10 Oil (-35°C + 140°C) 0.1 liter required
Liquid in Glass Thermometer Support kit
Stirred Ice/Water Bath Stirred Liquid container (For alcohols, water & oil)
Liquid in Glass Thermometer Support kit
Blackbody Source Blackbody Target
Surface Sensor Calibrator Surface Sensor Calibrator Kit
ITS-90 Fixed Point ITL M 17724M Slim Triple Point of Mercury Cell
ITL M 17401M Slim GAllium Melting Point Cell
B8 Slim Triple Point of Water Cell

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