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SPRT's & Primary Thermocouples

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Isotech 1600 Standard Thermocouple
Standard Thermocouple, Model 1600

Type R & S Standard Thermocouple with premium grade wire and gas-tight assembly

0°C to 1600°C (32°F to 2912°F)
  • No Intermediate Junctions
  • Reference Junctions Fit Into Zeref

  • Rosemount 162CE SPRT
    Rosemount 162CE SPRT

    This Product is No Longer Available from Isotech...
    • -200°C to 661°C (1221°F)
    • Accuracy of 0.001°C
    • Resistance value of 25.5Ω
    • Long term drift of only 0.01°C/year
    • Self-heating
    • Rugged, shatter-proof metal sheath

    Isotech, Model 670, Primary SPRT
    SPRT (Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometer), Model 670

    Our Best Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometer

    -200ºC to 670ºC (1238ºF)
    • Resistance Value (0ºC): 25.5 Ω
    • Resistance Ratio: WGA>1.11807 as required by ITS-90
    • Sensitivity: 0.1Ω/ºC
    • Long term drift from 0.001ºC/year
    • Calibration (UKAS or NIST): By Fixed Point through W4 & W7 subranges

    Isotech, Platinum/Gold Primary Standard Thermocouple
    Platinum/Gold Thermocouple

    The most popular of the special thermocouples Isotech makes for researchers
    -200°C to 650°C
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