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ISOCAL 6 Calibration Baths, Hyperion & Drago Models
ISOCAL 6 Calibrators, Combo Baths, Dry Block and Liquid in one
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Temperature range covering -25C to 250C (482F), in two models
  • 2.5 (65mm) Diameter Calibration Volume
  • Portable Liquid Bath for high accuracy calibration of awkward shaped sensors
  • Convertible for Dry Block Operation and more
  • Calibrates All Sensor Types
  • Windows Software and PC Interface
  • Available in the Hyperion 936 and Drago 934 Models
Base Price: $5,742.00

Product Code: ISOCAL6-L

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Model Selection*:

   Product Description

Dry Block and Liquid Bath Calibrators "IsoCal 6"

"Hyperion" and "Drago" Series Combo Temperature Calibrators

To calibrate temperature sensors to 250C look no further than Isotech's portable stirred liquid baths. The Hyperion calibrates from -25C to 140C (284F) and the Drago from ambient to 250C (482F). The useable calibration volume is a massive 2.5" (65mm) diameter and the overall depth of 7.5" (190mm) gives more than twice the volume of competitors' products.

Stirred liquid baths are suitable for temperature sensors of all types, shapes and sizes. Stabilities are much greater than those from Dry Blocks alone and with suitable reference thermometers performance of up to 0.005C is achievable.

The Hyperion and the Drago are available in two models. If the liquid is directly in the block then the controller only model, or Basic (B) model, can be selected. However, instead of putting liquids directly in the block liquid containers can be used to facilitate rapid change of liquids. When using a liquid container, Dry Block Insert, Blackbody Target or the Surface Sensor Kit a separate reference thermometer should be used to compensate for the varying offset between the controller and the accessory temperature. In this case you should choose the site version (S) which includes a built-in temperature indicator for high accuracy or for best accuracy an external indicator can be used. An ideal combination is the F100 or MilliK thermometers with a 935-14-16 Reference Probe.

Includes as standard: Windows Software, Computer Interface and a Ramp to Set Point Feature. The controller features multi-point block to display correction giving excllent absolute accuracy.

Model 936 Hyperion 934 DragoPLUS
Temperature Range -25C to 140C (1) 30C to 250C (2)
Stability Dry Block: 0.03C, Blackbody: 0.3C,
Surface Sensor: 0.5C, Liquid Bath: /0.025C,
ITS -90 Cells: 0.0005C, Ice Bath 0.001C (not Callisto)
Dry Block: 0.03C, Blackbody: 0.3C,
Surface Sensor: 0.5C, Liquid Bath: /0.025C,
ITS -90 Cells: 0.0005C, Ice Bath 0.001C (not Callisto)
Accuracy 0.15C 0.15C
Uniformity - Between Wells Dry Block Mode (Radial) <0.008C <0.008C
Uniformity - Radial Liquid Bath Mode <0.009C <0.007C at 250C
Uniformity - Lower 40mm (axial) Dry Block Mode <0.040C <0.040C
Uniformity - Lower 40mm (axial) As Liquid Bath <0.011C <0.013C at 250C
Heating Time -20C to 140C: 40 Mins 30C to 250C: 40 Mins
Cooling Time 140C to 20C: 90 Mins
20C to -25C: 80 Mins
250C to 30C 90 Mins
Insert Diameter 65mm 65mm
Immersion Depth 160mm 160mm
Insert Types Standard 8 x 8mm + 2 x 4.5mm, Undrilled or Custom Standard 8 x 8mm + 2 x 4.5mm, Undrilled or Custom
PC Interface Included - Supplied with PC Cable and Software Included - Supplied with PC Cable and Software
Power 200 Watts 1000 Watts
Voltage 115Vac or 230 Vac 50/60Hz 115Vac or 230 Vac 50/60Hz
Dimensions 302 x 176 x 262mm 302 x 176 x 262mm
Weight 12kg 8kg

ISOCAL 6 Datasheet Advanced Hyperion & Drago Manual Hyperion & Drago Manual
ISOCAL6 Datasheet ISOCAL6 Advanced Range Hyperion & Drago Manual

Hyperion Basic Evaluation Report ISOCAL 6 Datasheet
Hyperion Evaluation Report

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