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Thermocouple Reference, Model 844 Rack Mount Ambient TC Referencing System

Rack Mounted Ambient Temperature Reference
  • Accuracy 0.25C at 1000C
  • Central Zone of Zero Heat flux
  • Range 100C to 1300C

Product Code: 844-ISORAC

   Product Description    Specifications
The function of this reference unit differs from other rack mounted systems in that the temperature of the metal block in which the thermocouple and copper leads are inserted actually varies with ambient temperature. A separate output signal is produced which is proportional to the difference between the environmental temperature and the actual reference temperature. The output signal can be fed directly into a computer/data logger to give accurate compensation over a large ambient range.

A thermal reservoir, heavily insulated, contains the reference junction probes.

The reservoir temperature slowly follows the ambient temperature; an electrical compensation device is thermally integrated with the reservoir and thus senses the reservoir temperature.

The device produces an output proportional to the difference between the reservoir temperature and the reference temperature (usually 0C). This is the signal the computer/data logger uses to compensate for the temperature of the reference probes junctions.

The output can be in the form of a DC mV output, 4-20 mA or from a platinum resistance thermometer.
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Model 844 Isorac Datasheet Model 844 Isorac Manual