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HYPERION R - Low Temperature Blackbody Source
Blackbody Calibrator, HYPERION R - Low Temperature Blackbody Source
-10C to 80C (176F)
Can Expand to use Fixed Point Cells
Ideal for Raytek ST, MX & CI Series thermometers
  • Low Temperature Radiation Pyrometer Primary Source
  • 50mm Cavity Diameter
  • 0.995 Emissivity, Compact
Base Price: $8,498.00

Product Code: 982 HYPERION R

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Low Temperature Black Body Source

"HYPERION R" Low Temperature Black Body Calibrator

The hyperion R Portable Blackbody Calibration Source allows for calibration of non contact infrared thermometers over the temperature range -10C to 80C

It is suitable for use as a primary radiation source for infrared thermometers from sub zero to 80C

Laboratory performance and low uncertainty calibrations are ensured by the combination by high emissivity and excellent temperature uniformity.

The digital temperature controller allows the block temperature to be set to any value from -10C

Traceability of the radiance temperature is established by a separate, built-in temperature indicator and included platinum resistance thermometer>

A three point traceable calibration certificate is included, UKAS calibration of the resistance thermometer is available, as is radiometric calibration.

Uniformity of the block is ensured by using distributed thermoelectric heat pumps with the benefit of solid state, vibration free cooling.
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