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471   471 Simple Argon Triple Point Apparatus
820   820 Large Volume Calibration Bath
937-TRU   937 TRU Multi-Channel Thermocouple Referencing Unit
414   Annealing Furnace,
Model 414
BB CELLS   Black Body Fixed Point Cells
915   Calibration Bath, Model 915 Parallel Tube Liquid Bath
798_HYDRA   Calibration Baths, Hydra Series Oil Baths
459   CRYOSTAT Comparision Apparatus, Model 459
878 CYCLOPS   Cyclops Model 878
FastCal   Dryblock Calibrators, Fast Cal Series Drywells
F100   F100 Precision Thermometer
F200   F200 Precision Thermometer
875   Fluidized Calibration Bath, Model 875 Ayres
GEMINI   GEMINI - High Capacity Dry Block Calibrators
976 GEMINI R   GEMINI R - Medium Temperature Black Body Source
975   Grey Body Source - Model 975
HEAT PIPES   Heat Pipe Metrology Furnaces
983   Hot Plate Surface Sensor Calibrator, Model 983
982-HYPERION-R   HYPERION R - Low Temperature Black Body
ICAL Easy   I-Cal Easy Software for Automatic Temperature Calibration
938 TRU   Ice Point Reference, Model 938
ISOCAL6-L   ISOCAL 6 Calibration Baths, Hyperion & Drago Models
ISOCAL6-D   ISOCAL6 Dry Block Calibrators, Europa, Venus & Calisto
Isotowers   Isotower ITS-90 Fixed Points
JARRETT TPW   Jarrett-Isotech Water Triple Point Cells
Jupiter-650   JUPITER 650 - High Temperature Dry Block Calibrator
ITL-M-17401   Large Sealed Gallium Fixed Point Cell
Libra-785   Libra 785 Parallel Tube Calibration Baths
461   Liquid Nitrogen Apparatus, Model 461
ITL-M-17701   Low Temperature Metrology Furnace
ITL-M-17703   Medium Temperature Metrology Furnace
MEDUSA   MEDUSA - P.O.T.T.S Temperature Calibrator
999 MEDUSA R   Medusa R - Black Body Primary Source
ITL-M-17725   Mercury Triple-Point Apparatus
465   Metrology Furnace, Model 465, 3 Zone Temperature Control
MicroK   MicroK Precision Thermometer
Microskanner   MicrosKanner
millik   MilliK Precision Thermometer
456   Model 456 - Temperature Controlled Standard Resistor
988   Model 988 - Human Body Temperature Black Body Source
989   Model 989 - Human Body Temperature Black Body Source
ITL-M-18205   Nitrogen Boiling Point Aparatus
426 OBERON   OBERON 426 - High Temperature Furnace
426 OBERON R   OBERON R - Black Body Source for High Temperature
OCEANUS   Oceanus 6 - P.O.T.T.S Temperature Calibrator
ITS-90-Optimal-Cells   Optimal ITS-90 Fixed Point Cells
Orion-796   Orion 796 Deep Immersion Calibration Baths
PEGASUS-1200   PEGASUS 1200 - High Temperature Dry Block Calibrator
PEGASUS-R-970   PEGASUS R 970 - High Temperature Blackbody Source
PEGASUS-T   PEGASUS T - High Temp - Short Sensor Dry Block
PT-AU   Platinum/Gold Thermocouple
QUICKCAL   QUICKCAL - Hand-Held Dry Block Temperature Calibrator
552 QUICKCAL R   QuickCal Blackbody - Hand Held Infrared Calibrator
RBC   RBC - Resistance Bridge Calibrator
162CE   Rosemount 162CE SPRT
scope   Scope Of Accreditation
935-14-72   Semi Standard PRT - Temperature Range -50°C to 670°C
TCS   Semi Standard Thermocouples
935-14-91-S   Semi Standard Type S Thermocouple - Temperature Range 0°C to 1300°C
PRTS   Semi-Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers
96178 Silver Point Thermometer   Silver Point Thermometer, Model 96178, Aspirated HTSPRT
SLIM-CELLS   Slim Fixed Point Cells
ITL-M-17402B   Sostmann-Isotech Gallium Cell & Apparatus
670   SPRT (Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometer), Model 670
909   SPRT (Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometer), Model 909
1600   Standard Thermocouple, Model 1600
944   Surface Measurement System, Model 944
782_783   SystemCAL 782 PLTC & 783 PHTC
t100   T100 Series Reference PRT Probes
877   Thermocouple Calibration Sphere, Model Saturn 877
881   Thermocouple Homogeneity Scanner Model 881
842 ISOBOX   Thermocouple Reference, Model 842 Ambient TC Referencing System
844-ISORAC   Thermocouple Reference, Model 844 Rack Mount Ambient TC Referencing System
TTI7   TTI 7 PRT/RTD and Thermocouple Thermometer
TTI10   TTI-10 Precision Thermometer
TTI22   TTI22 High Accuracy Thermometer
volusion-test-product   volusion test product
B8-30-130   Water Triple Point Cell, Container and 3 Caps
452   Water Triple Point Ice Mantle Maker, Model 452
ITL-M-18233   Water Triple Point Maintenance Bath

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