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Blackbody Fixed Point Cells
Isotech, Blackbody Fixed Point Cells, intrinsic Infrared standards
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Blackbody Fixed Point Cells
  • Primary Standard Fixed Points
  • Unique Patented Design
  • High Accuracy
  • Blackbody Radiation Sources
  • Long Flat Plateau
  • ITS 90 Fixed Points

Product Code: BB CELLS
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   Product Description

ITS-90 Primary sources

Fixed-Point Cells for Blackbody Sources

Isotech has worked with the world's leading suppliers of infrared temperature measurement equipment, national labs, and industry professionals to develop an outstanding range of Blackbody Fixed-Point Cells. These cells are used to correlate radiation thermometers to the ITS-90 Scale as well as provide the highest accuracy Blackbody Sources available.

Three ranges exist, our primary cells, used with our large apparatus, the Medusa or Oberon, and Medium and High Temperature Secondary Cells. The Medium-Temperature Cells slide into our Gemini R apparatus while the High-Temperature Cells work with our Pegasus R model.
All Cells contain 99.9999% pure metals and will provide a melt or freeze curve to within ±0.01°C. The Primary Cells used in our larger sources will provide significantly longer plateaus.

The results, as seen by a radiation pyrometers, which are slightly sensitive to wall temperature, give uncertainties of better than ±0.25°C.

Easy replacement allows one apparatus to work with multiple cells.

Blackbody Fixed Point Cells Product Datasheet