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Servicios de Reparación

Isotech's facility in Vermont, USA has full repair service capabilities for all Isotech, ASL and Scandura products.

We offer quick estimates and 90 day warranty on repairs. Isotech is the ONLY official service center in the Americas for Isotech and ASL equipment. We have all proprietary procedures, software and service documents for full re-linearization of ASL thermometers, from F100 to F900.

In addition should your instrument require calibration after repair, Isotech operates one of the industries leading temperature laboratories utilizing ITS-90 fixed points from Mercury (HG) to Aluminium (AL).

Some Helpful Information about Isotech Calibration services is listed below, please feel free to contact us anytime (802) 863 8050

Pricing of Repairs
  1. All Isotech repairs are billed "time and materials" we do not offer flat rate repair services
  2. There is a $250 evaluation fee for any F700, F18 or F900 ASL Bridge
  3. All other products have a $50 evaluation fee
  4. All evaluation fees are credited towards the repair if approved
  5. If you are not using Credit Card, an official PO for the evaluation amount is required before evaluation can start
  6. Should your unit not be repairable, economically, Isotech usually can arrange for some trade in parts value towards new equipment

10 Tips for shipping Equipment to Isotech for Repair

  1. No RMA is required, All repairs on done in accordance with our "First In / First Out" policy
  2. Make sure to provide paperwork inside the shipment with as much detail as you have concerning the defective condition as well as name, phone number and email of the contact person responsible for approval of the repair estimate.
  3. Provide about two inches of packing material around all instruments sent back. All boxes must be filled with packing material to reduce the possibility of severe damage if the shipper rolls a box.
  4. Probes require special attention when packing. They must have packing material all around them to prevent sudden shocks from damaging them. If a probe is shipped in the same box as another unit, please take steps to prevent the other unit from damaging it.
  5. Always ship units in the upright position. Many units require additional repair because they are shipped otherwise.
  6. If a unit was shipped to you with a transit clamp keep it and always use it to ship the unit back.
  7. Shipping a unit in its carrying case may cause damage to the case and/or unit inside. Unless a case states it is designed for shipping it is probably only for carrying a unit around. If it is not designed for shipping put the case in a box for shipping.
  8. Do not send back power cords that are not permanently attached unless they are custom cord to a specific unit. (We have plenty!)
  9. Do not send in any manuals unless requested.
  10. Let us know if you require a specific shipping method. If your shipping account is to billed please clearly state the shipper, account number and zip code tied to that account.