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ITS-90 Fixed Points

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Isotech, Isotower ITS-90 Fixed Points Isotower ITS-90 Fixed Points

ITS-90 Isothermal Fixed Point Towers
  • Large cell performance with slim cell price
  • 30 Hour Plateaus
  • Uniquely integrated device with known immersion characteristics
  • Simple & safe with no glass parts
  • Easily transportable - Perfect Audit Item
  • Lower your uncertainties and increase your confidence
Isotowers Datasheet

Isotech, Triple Point of Water Mantle Maker Water Triple Point Ice Mantle Maker, Model 452

Simplify the Creation of your Water Triple Point
  • Specially designed anti-gravity heat pipe
  • Create mantle in 20-30 min with Jarrett-Isotech cell
  • Option for addidional Ice Bridge Prevention Collar
  • Form beautiful, strain-free ice mantles
Water Triple Point Ice Mantle Maker Datasheet

Sostmann-Isotech Gallium Cell & Apparatus Sostmann-Isotech Gallium Cell & Apparatus

Automate your Gallium point!
29.7646C (0.000025C)

  • Reproducibility day-to-day of 0.000025C.
  • 20 years of world-wide deliveries without breakage
  • 99.999999% purity. Yes, 8N! For a slope-free plateau
  • A new Gallium plateau every day, all day, forever. Switch it on and forget it!
  • Long term stability. After 10 years, our Cell is still within 40K of our newly made Reference Cell, audited to within 0.000030C of our Nation's Standard Cell, and within 0.000,031C of Italy's National Standard
Gallium Apparatus Datasheet

Isotech Mercury Triple-Point Apparatus Mercury Triple-Point Apparatus

Temperature Range: -42C to -36C (-32F)
  • Uncertainty: 0.22mK (with cell)
  • Control: 0.01C resolution
  • Ambient Limits: 18C to 28C
  • Purpose-designed for the Isotech Mercury Cell
  • Liquid-free
Mercury Triple Point Apparatus Product Spec Sheet

Isotech LN2 Nitrogen Boiling Point Apparatus Nitrogen Boiling Point Aparatus

Temperature: -196C (-320F)
  • Uncertainty: 0.002C
  • Realizes and maintains the boiling point of nitrogen or argon
  • Gas manifold for thermometers
  • Self contained
  • Bench mounted
ITL-M-18205 Nitrogen Boiling Point Apparatus Product Spec Sheet

Jarrett Isotech Triple Point of Water Jarrett-Isotech Water Triple Point Cells

The World Leader in Water Triple Point Cells
  • Uncertainty: to <0.0001C
  • Reproducibility: within 0.00002C
  • Stability: 0.00001C
  • More Sizes and Styles to Choose from.
  • In Stock for Quick Delivery.
Jarrett TPW Cell Product Spec Sheet

Metal Clad ITS 90 Fixed Point Cells Optimal ITS-90 Fixed Point Cells

Primary Fixed Point Cells
  • Ultra-pure: 99.9999%
  • 205mm immersion: better than the competition
  • 35 year history
  • Available in indium, tin, zinc and aluminum
  • Cells of International Acceptance
ITS-90 Fixed Points Fixed Point Cells Datasheet

Metal Clad ITS-90 Fixed Points, Intrinsic Temperature Standards Slim Fixed Point Cells

Metal Clad Fixed-Point Cells From Mercury to Aluminum
Bring your Calibrations Back Under your Own Control!
  • Ultra-Pure: 99.9999%
  • 35 year history
  • Shorter immersion for the Calibration of Industrial Sensors
  • Economical
  • Much less fragile than Quartz cells
Slim Cells Datasheet

471 Simple Argon Triple Point Apparatus 471 Simple Argon Triple Point Apparatus

NEW! Simple Argon Triple Point Apparatus

  • Affordable
  • Robust and simple to use
  • Accurate to 0.5mK - 4 hour plateau typical
Argon Apparatus Datasheet