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GEMINI - High Capacity Dry Block Calibrators
Isotech Gemini High Capacity Dry Blocks up to 700°C
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Temperature Range of 30C to 700C (1292F)
  • Display to Block Accuracy Better than 0.5C
  • Calibrate Whole Calibration Loop --Using a heat source rather than an electrical simulator a test instrument and probe can be calibrated as a system.
  • High Capacity Block -- Large Calibration volume for many sensors and low loading errors.
  • Two Operating Ranges -- Fast response from ambient to 550C (1022F) or ambient to 700C (1292F)
  • Simple To Use -- Outstanding Value for Money!
Base Price: $5,984.00

Product Code: GEMINI

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   Product Description    Specifications
The Gemini family of Dry Blocks have high capacity allowing a large number of probes to be calibrated together. They are also suitable to accept large diameter probes with the block volume of a nominal 65 x 160mm.

Whilst the large block takes longer to heat and cool than the Jupiter 650 and Fast-Cal models it can calibrate thermocouples, resistance thermometers, thermostats and sensors that are too large for the smaller blocks.

Available with a fixed block with four 8mm and hour 19.5mm pockets or the LRI version which has a removable block. With the LRI model blocks can be drilled to custom configurations.

The Gemini is available in two temperature ranges with each available as a BASIC (B) or SITE(S) variant. The B model includes a sophisticated temperature controller with a dual display for Set Temperature and Dry Block Temperature.

The S model additionally includes a built in digital indicator to which an external standard thermometer can be connected giving greater accuracy eliminating temperature gradient and loading errors. For lab accuracy the Gemini PLUS can be used with a high-end temperature indicator such a one of the Isotech True Temperature Indicators (TTI).
Gemini Datasheet Gemini Advanced Manual Gemini 500-700 Manual
Gemini Datasheet Gemini Advanced Manual Gemini Manual