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PEGASUS 1200 - High Temperature Dry Block Calibrator
Isotech, Pegasus 1200, High Temp Drywell
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Temperature Range of 150C to 1200C (2192F)
  • Accuracy: 3.0C (display to block)
  • Calibration Volume: 33.5mm x 130mm (1.25" x 5.1")
  • Stability: Better than 0.3C over the range
  • Unique Accessories: Infrared calibration and fast cool down attachments
  • Ideal for R & S thermocouple calibrations
  • Suitable for most high temperature switches
Base Price: $7,485.00

Product Code: PEGASUS-1200

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The Isotech Pegasus 1200 high temperature dry block is perfect for the calibration of noble metal thermocouples, type R and S, in industries such as glass making, electrical power, automotive and material processing.

This drywell utilizes a specially profiled heater that gives a central zone of constant temperature, and at just 30 lbs., it is compact and portable enough for easy use onsite. A state of the art digital controller with custom tuning and 5 discrete calibration points provide optimal control and accuracy throughout the full range of the unit.

This dry well calibrator heats quickly, at 25C per minute, and can stabilize in 15 minutes. The insert dimensions are: 4 holes, 5/16" x 3.2" deep (8mm x 80mm), and custom inserts can be machined per customer specifications.

A fast cool-down probe is available as an option. When connected to an air supply, this probe cools down the Pegasus 1200 in about 25% of the normal time. All Pegasus 1200 Models are supplied with RS232 or RS422 communications, and software.

We offer three versions of the Pegasus: the Basic, Site and Advanced. The Basic Pegasus has a clear, digital display of set and nominal temperature. The Site incorporates a built-in indicator for using a reference probe. The Advanced model includes up to three inputs for reference and test thermometers, and sophisticated features like automatic temperature cycling, a secure data log, and a full color, high resolution display. It also includes both and Ethernet and UBS host, a built-in web server, and can be used in English, French, Italian, or Spanish.
Pegasus 1200 Datasheet Pegasus 1200 Manual Pegasus 1200 Manual Pegasus 1200 Datasheet
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