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Ice Point Reference, Model 938
Isotech Model 938 - Ice Point Reference
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Thermocouple Cold Junction Reference Unit
0C (32F)
  • Accuracy: 0.03C
  • Time to Stability: 10 min from 44C
  • Ambient Range: 2C to 65C
  • Thermocouple Referencing to ISO9000 at 0C, in ambients of up to 65C or elevated reference temperature
  • References up to 100 Thermocouples

Product Code: 938 TRU

   Product Description    Specifications
The TRU (Thermocouple Reference Unit) supplies a stable and accurate 0C, or elevated reference temperature. This thermocouple cold junction reference is a self-contained, all solid-state unit, using Peltier technology which provides maintenance-free operation.

The TRU features rapid temperature shift from even high ambient temperatures, and is stable within 10 minutes from switching on.

An alarm will be activated should the reference temperature deviate by more than 0.2C

The 938 ice point reference can be ordered with a choice of one of two block types. B1 is recommended for laboratory use, and has 6 pockets, which are 6.2mm x 130mm deep, and a 4.2mm pocket, and can accommodate up to 36 junctions. Block B2 is for higher capacity applications, and can accommodate up to 100 junctions with 8 8.2mm pockets x 76mm, and a 4.2mm pocket for an optional monitoring PRT.
TRU Model 938 Manual
TRU Model 938 Datasheet TRU Model 938 Manual