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GEMINI R - Medium Temperature Blackbody Source
Blackbody Calibrator, GEMINI R - Medium Temperature Blackbody Source
Medium Temperature Blackbody Source
  • 30C to 550C
  • Emissivity > 0.995
  • 65mm Diameter Cavity
Base Price: $7,921.00

Product Code: 976 GEMINI R

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Black Body Source "GEMINI R"

Black Body Calibrator for Medium Temperature Ranges

The Gemini R is a blackbody source with which radiation pyrometers, commonly referred to as IR sensors, can be calibrated. With a temperature range of 50C to 550C, the temperature of the cavity can be set with 0.1C resolution. The temperature of the furnace is set and indicated on a PID controller. An independent indicator is also provided for higher accuracy with a standard probe, which indicates the actual radiance temperature. Temperature variation over a 5-minute period, as viewed on the temperature controller, is 0.2C and a radiation thermometer directed into the cavity detects similar variations.

The Gemini R's cavity's size is 2.5" x 6.3" deep (65mm x 160mm). Maximum temperature differences are 1C in the range of 100C to 500C. The Gemini R is capable of accepting blackbody fixed points to achieve the highest level of a radiation measurement possible. Typical fixed-point uncertainties are 0.25C. Gallium, indium, tin and zinc cells are available.

Emissivity is greater than 0.995, and traceability may be established with a NIST certificate for the built-in indicator and/or supplied probe. The Gemini R can be supplied with RS232 or RS422 communications.
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