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Medium Temperature Metrology Furnace
Isotech Medium Temperature Metrology Furnace
Medium Temperature Metrology Furnace
  • Wide Operating Range
  • Three Zone Control
  • Long Plateau Length

Product Code: ITL-M-17703
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3 Zone Metrology Furnace

Metrology Furnace for Medium Temperature Ranges

The Medium Temperature Furnace is of three zone design. In addition to the main temperature controlled-zone, there are guard heaters at the top and bottom of the block. These zones are controlled by differential temperature sensors which enable the furnace to operate with just small temperature differences along the whole length of the heated metal block. This is important when freezing cells, since the assumption made is that cells freeze in concentric shells. This is true only if there is a small temperature gradient along the furnace.

The substantial furnace core is machined from aluminum bronze.

The recommended procedure for establishing a freeze plateau requires operator attention until the plateau is realized. Following that, the Furnace will maintain the plateau essentially automatically for a period of 10 to 20 hours (longer if the heat flux from the Cell minimised).
ITL-M-17703 Medium Temperature Metrology Furnace Product Datasheet Medium Temperature Furnace Manual