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Standard Thermocouple, Model 1600
Isotech 1600 Standard Thermocouple
Type R & S Standard Thermocouple with premium grade wire and gas-tight assembly

0°C to 1600°C (32°F to 2912°F)
  • No Intermediate Junctions
  • Reference Junctions Fit Into Zeref
  • Base Price: $4,183.00

    Product Code: 1600

       Product Description    Specifications

    Type R & S Standard Thermocouple "Isotech 1600"

    Type R & S Continuous Thermocouple

    Type R and Type S
    Gas Tight Assembly
    Premium Grade Wire

    The Isothermal range of Thermocouple Standards are the result of many years of development. The type R and S standards will cover the range from 0°C to 1600°C.

    The measuring assembly is comprised of a 7mm x 300mm or 600mm gas tight 99.7% recrystallized alumina sheath, inside which is a 2.5mm diameter twin-bore tube holding the thermocouple.

    The covered noble metal thermocouple wire connects the measuring sheath to the reference sheath, which is a 4.5mm x 150mm stainless steel sheath suitable for referencing in a 0°C reference system. Two thermoelectrically free multistrand copper wires (teflon coated) connect the thermocouple to the voltage measuring device.

    The thermocouple material is continuous from the hot, or measuring junction to the cold, or referencing junction.

    The 1600 is supplied with a certificate giving the error between the ideal value and the actual emf of the thermocouple at the gold point. For types R and S thermocouples, manufacturing tolerances are small and, therefore, the use of a standard reference table is particularly apt. A few calibration points, only, are required to determine the small differences between the characteristics of an individual thermocouple and the standard reference table. As an example of consistency, 48 Isotech thermocouples calibrated at NPL had a standard deviation of the differences from the reference table value at the gold point (11, 364V) of only 7V, equivalent to about 0.5°C. Thermocouple characteristics are sufficiently smooth to allow interpolation of deviations from the reference table to be carried out over fairly wide temperature spans without introducing unacceptable errors.

    The standard thermocouple described can be supplied in the following noble metal combinations:
    TYPE R: Platinum vs Platinum 13% Rhodium
    TYPE S: Platinum vs Platinum 10% Rhodium

    If cold junction not required, specify NCJ.
    UKAS calibration is included

    Isotech 1600 Standard Thermocouple
    1600 Thermocouple Datasheet