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Water Triple Point Ice Mantle Maker, Model 452
Isotech, Triple Point of Water Mantle Maker
Simplify the Creation of your Water Triple Point
  • Specially designed anti-gravity heat pipe
  • Create mantle in 20-30 min with Jarrett-Isotech cell
  • Option for addidional Ice Bridge Prevention Collar
  • Form beautiful, strain-free ice mantles

Product Code: 452

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Are you fed up with cold wet hands, and hours of frustration when you produce an ice mantle in your Triple Point Water Cell?

Change your life and try the Isotech Ice Mantle Maker

We developed it, like so many of our products, for our own use in our UKAS facility. It is so easy that we actually want to make more mantles. The days of dreading making ice mantles are gone with the Ice Mantle Maker.

It works by using a specially designed anti-gravity heat-pipe. The heat-pipe exits the cell and exchanges the heat/cool in a small container filled with solid carbon dioxide or, preferably, liquid nitrogen.

Because of the low temperature gradient along the heat-pipe the ice mantle is formed close to 0°C, and so beautiful, strain-free mantles are formed.

The Mantle Maker works equally well when you wish to increase the thickness of ice at the bottom of the cell. By keeping only a cc of alcohol in the cell the heat transfer is focused around the bottom of the triple point water cell.
Model 452 Ice Mantle Maker Manual
Water Triple Point Ice Mantle Maker Datasheet Model 452 Ice Mantle Maker Manual