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SystemCAL 782 PLTC & 783 PHTC
SystemCAL 782 PLTC & 783 PHTC
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  • MIL Standard Dry Blocks
  • Fast Operation
  • Automatic Testing
  • Two Models, Covering -40C to 660C

Product Code: 782_783

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The SystemCAL 782 Portable Low Temperature Calibrator (PLTC) and 783 Portable High Temperature Calibrator (PHTC) from Isotech are a set of rugged temperature calibrators covering the full range of -40C/F to 660C/1220F, developed specifically for the US Navy. These calibrators provide a unique combination of accuracy, stability, speed, durability and ease of use. These calibrators can be used over wide temperature ranges, including walk-in refrigerators, and feature an active internal environmental control system.

The SystemCAL models are a next-generation class of temperature calibrators that bring laboratory-level thermal performance in accuracy, stability, speed of response, and uniformity to the field in a rugged design capable of withstanding the harshest shipboard environments; IP 56 rated.

The units have been thoroughly tested and conform to rigorous MIL standards including bench, bounce, and altitude testing. They are built into high impact resistance cases, the removable lids of which hold three inserts and other accessories.

Temperature sensors requiring calibration are placed in suitably drilled holes in the inserts, which fit into the isothermal block. A full selection of inserts to accommodate a variety of sensor diameters are supplied in a separate accessory case with support for short sensors, dial thermometers, bulb and coil type thermometers, and bi-metal switches.

The SystemCAL provides users the ability to create, edit, and run calibration routines and to automatically progress through frequent calibrations and hysteresis testing of temperature switches or probes. Stored calibration data from the unit under test (UUT) can be reviewed on the main display, or printed directly to a PCL-compatible printer via the dedicated USB printer port.

When the units need to be re-calibrated, a DVM (Transmille 8104 / HP 3458A) with SPRT can be connected via the IEEE interface for a fully automatic five-point linearization. Manual adjustment is also supported.

The user interface has been developed by Transmille, and provides a modern interface with a unique digital control knob, onscreen alphanumeric keyboard, and traditional membrane keypad providing a new, innovative way to simplify and speed complex operations or data entry.

782 & 783 Datasheet 783 User Manual 782 User Manual
782 & 783 Datasheet 783 User Manual 782 User Manual