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Isotech is the world leader in temperature metrology and temperature calibration instruments. With over 30 years experience in the design, manufacture and practical use of temperature measurement and calibration standards, Isotech products can be found in virtually any industry.

Whatever industry you work in, it should be recognized that better measurements and calibration will result in higher product quality, increased yield, less downtime and ultimately lower operating costs.

Wherever temperature and pressure measurements are critical for your processes, Isotech temperature calibration instruments can help you!

Isotech's core industries include Primary Calibration Laboratories such as NIST & NRC, Pharmaceutical labs including Pfizer, Genzyme, & Wyeth. Oil & Gas companies and the Aviation industry including the US Air Force. Some of our more popular products for each industry are listed below:

Primary Laboratories Pharmaceuticals Oil & Gas Aviation
ITS-90 Fixed Points Digital Thermometers Dry Block Calibrators Pegasus 1200
Thermometry Bridges Isocal 6 Trurac
SPRTS Isis F200 TTI7