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Isotower ITS-90 Fixed Points
Isotech, Isotower ITS-90 Fixed Points
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ITS-90 Isothermal Fixed Point Towers
  • Large cell performance with slim cell price
  • 30 Hour Plateaus
  • Uniquely integrated device with known immersion characteristics
  • Simple & safe with no glass parts
  • Easily transportable - Perfect Audit Item
  • Lower your uncertainties and increase your confidence

Product Code: ISOTOWERS

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The most accurately defined temperatures are those defining points (fixed points) of ITS-90. The leading Primary Laboratories use large fixed point cells in deep calibration furnaces that utilise Heat Pipes to eliminate temperature gradients. This combination of cell and furnace gives the smallest of uncertainties. In Isothermal Towers the fixed point cell and heat pipe (or heat siphon) have been combined (patent applied for) to produce the ideal realisations for calibrating standard thermometers. Thermometers can only be calibrated accurately if they are immersed sufficiently. In Isothermal Towers a heated block (Immersion Compensator, patent applied for) sits on top the heat siphon/cell to fully compensate for the immersion characteristics of the unit under test. You can measure ITS-90 fixed points more accurately than ever!

Isothermal Towers have all been fully evaluated to accurately measure ITS-90 fixed points against the most detailed and demanding requirements ever written: CCT/2000-13. All Isothermal Towers; Indium, Tin, Zinc and Aluminium meet all the requirements of CCT/2000-13 allowing laboratories to realise the smallest uncertainties, at a fraction of the cost of conventional Metrology Furnaces with Primary Standard Cells

You can purchase three Isothermal Towers; Tin, Zinc and Aluminium for a similar price as one conventional cell and heat pipe apparatus!

Ease of use
Isothermal Towers are simple to use, and very robust. Operation is risk free, as a combined apparatus there is no need to handle a fragile cell. No need for specialist training courses. Isothermal Towers remove the mystery from fixed point calibration. Easily set to provide a melt or freeze of 24 hours or more, lending themselves for automatic fixed point calibration and providing your lab with an all day long plateau.

Perfect Audit Item
As an audit item, an accreditation authority can send the device to laboratories for intercomparison. Because the cell, apparatus and immersion compensator are a single entity, the performance is unambiguous unlike existing systems where cell and apparatus are often separated during intercomparison. Accreditation authorities love them.

Available to Hire
Additionally Isothermal Towers are available to hire from Isotech and a growing number of Isotech Distributors to allow laboratories to audit themselves by intercomparing their cells and standard thermometers to a UKAS calibrated Isothermal Tower.

ITS-90 Isothermal Towers are transportable by carrier; there are no fragile glass parts!

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