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Model 988 - Low Temperature Black Body Source
Isotech Blackbody Source, Model 988 Low Temperature Calibrator
Low Temperature IR Thermometer Calibrator
Temperature Range of 20C to 45C (113F)
  • Accuracy: 0.2C (Combined accuracy & stability)
  • Emissivity: 0.97 0.2
  • Controller Resolution: 0.01C
  • Ideal for Calibration of IR thermometers around human body temperature
  • NIST Certificate: For the built-in Indicator
Base Price: $3,923.00

Product Code: 988

   Product Description    Specifications
This black body source has been introduced to meet the demand for a simple, cost-effective, but high accuracy calibrator for the calibration of thermal imagers and infrared thermometers used at temperatures near ambient.

A 70mm diameter, ridged plate is heated or cooled with an internal solid-state thermoelectric heat pump. The temperature of the plate can be set from 20C to 45C, to a resolution of 0.01C.

Evaluation showed the advantages of fitting a stainless steel tube around the plate to give better uniformity and less sensitivity to drafts and other ambient temperature effects. This blackbody calibration source can fine-tune your infrared thermal sensors at near-ambient temperatures. The Model 988 is one of the most accurate low temperature calibrators on the market.
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