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Dry Temperature Comparison Calibrators
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Isotech, Pegasus T, High Temp Drywell for Short Sensors PEGASUS T - High Temp - Short Sensor Dry Block

Temperature Range of 150C to 1100C (2012F)
  • Ideal for High Temperature Short Sensors
  • Stability: 0.05C at 150C; 0.08C at 1100C
  • Unique Features: 3 Calibration Zones for different depths
  • Control from External Reference Sensor
  • Suitable for most high temperature switches

Base Price: $16,205.00
Isotech Model 465 Metrology Furnace (200°C to 1200°C) Metrology Furnace, Model 465, 3 Zone Temperature Control

3 Zone Control System for Minimal Thermal Gradients for Half the Price of Heat Pipes.
200C to 1200C (2192F)
Ideal for Creating and Maintaining Fixed Points Cells, Indium to Copper

  • Wide Temperature Range: 200C to 1200C
  • Covers ITS-90 Fixed Points from tin to copper in one furnace
  • Long plateaus
  • Self-tuning controller optimizes each Fixed Point Cell performance
  • 3 zones controlled to compensate for end loss to give a perfect profile
Model 465 Metrology Furnace Datasheet

Isotech, 875 AYRES Fluidized Calibration Bath Fluidized Calibration Bath, Model 875 Ayres

The Most advanced Fluidized Bath Available
50C to 700C (1292F)
Can be used While Powder is Fluidized

  • Wide temperature range
  • High Accuracy
  • Absolute 0.0005 to 0.004C using Freeze Point Cells
  • Comparison Calibration 0.020 to 0.035C at 660C
  • No powder loss into the Laboratory
Model 875 Ayers Bath Datasheet

Isotech, Spherical Thermocouple Calibration Furnace Thermocouple Calibration Sphere, Model Saturn 877

Spherical Designed Thermocouple Calibrator
100C to 1300C (2372F)

  • Accuracy: 0.25C at 1000C
  • Stability: Spherical design provides unmatched stability and uniformity
  • Uniformity: Central zone of zero heat flux
  • Used internationally by NMIs, thermocouple manufacturers, and the best calibration labs
Model 877 Saturn Datasheet

Isotech, Medusa 3 Zone Temperature Calibrator MEDUSA - P.O.T.T.S Temperature Calibrator

3-Zone Block Calibrator for Automated Fixed Points
Temperature Range of 30C to 700C (1292F)
  • High Capacity Deep Block: 1.75 diameter x 11.25 deep (45mm x 285mm)
  • Absolute Stability: 0.03C
  • Use for Comparison and Fixed-Point Calibration
  • Use With Very Long Thermometers
  • Blackbody Target and Surface Sensor Kit Options
Medusa Datasheet

Base Price: $13,679.00
Isotech, Oceanus 6, Deep Immersion Dry Block Oceanus 6 - P.O.T.T.S Temperature Calibrator

Temperature Range of -25C to 140C (282F)
Optional Inserts for Black Body & Liquid Bath
  • Accuracies: 0.0002C at Water Triple Point
  • Dry or Liquid Bath
  • Windows Software and PC Interface
  • High Capacity Deep Block for Very Long Thermometers
  • Ideal for Laboratory Comparison and Fixed-Point Calibrations
Oceanus 6 Datasheet

Base Price: $12,011.00
Isotech Rugged Dry Block Calibrators Isotech Rugged Dry Block Calibrators

Operate with Confidence in Extreme Environments.

  • Wide -40C to 660C temperature range
  • Military-grade durability
  • Advanced features, including unique input options
  • Convenient, all-in-one design

Rugged Block Datasheet

Base Price: $9,963.00