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I-Cal Easy Software for Automatic Temperature Calibration
Isotech, I-Cal Easy Software Automates Temperature Calibration via dry block calibrators, reference thermometers and sensors.

Product Code: ICAL EASY
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Temperature Calibration Software "I-Cal Easy"

Software for Fully Automatic Temperature Calibration

Fully Automatic Calibration
Design and Print Certificates
Calculate Coefficients
PRints PRT and TC tables
Supports more equipment
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Use I-Cal Easy to automate sensor calibrate, enter up to 20 calibration points and let the software set the bath, wait for stability and log the data automatically. Choose the stability criteria and how many points to record at each calibration temperature. Automatic temperature calibration the easy way.

I-Cal Easy lets you use a built-in template or design your own certificate. add text, data fields and graphics on single or multiple pages, then publish the calibration data to the certificate. Do you want to include or calculate coefficients? Then drag your data to the ITS-90 or Calender Van Duesen calculators. For thermocouples use the powerful regression calculator to fit error curves.

Other systems have limited the user with a built-in template and the need to pay extra for any changes, with I-Cal Easy just build in your own certificate in minutes!
System Requirements
Computer Desktop or Notepad PC
Operating System Windows 98/2000/XP
Display 800 x 600 / 16 bit display
(1024 x 768 recommended)
I-Cal - Supported Camera Check with Isotech for supported models
Serial Ports A maximum of three ports are required, one for the dry block, one for the TTi and one for the Switchboxes
(Two Switchboxes can be operated from a single port)
Available in different languages -
Spanish and Chinese currently available.

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