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New Isotech ADVANCED ISOCAL 6 Range Provide Greater Accuracy and Additional Features for Industrial and laboratory Temperature Calibrations

May 2014 Isotech Advanced Series Isocal6 Dry & Wet Calibrators

Isotech have a new range of Dry Block Calibrators with more features than ever before - with up to three input channels, resolution to 0.001C, logging, improved performance; Ethernet interface with new software, the list continues.

These new blocks with lighter, stronger cases use the latest technology to help users calibrate industrial sensors. The new ADVANCED models sit alongside the earlier BASIC and SITE models allowing users to select the model most suited to their individual needs.

Our portable calibrators have set a number of world firsts, the first Dry Blocks to feature an independent inbuilt temperate indicator and the first Dry Blocks to reach -100C. The award winning ISOCAL-6 was the first calibrator, to offer both Dry Block and Liquid Bath use, and remains the only device to offer six modes of calibration

2014 International Agents Seminar - Southport UK

May 2014 Isotech 2014 International Seminar

Isotech has just held its 8th International Distributor conference which drew 50 visitors from 36 different countries. The three day event was a great success which combined the unveiling of a new range of temperature calibrators, training presentations, hands on training and a celebration of world metrology.

Isotech celebrated by inviting International visitors to an evening celebration where people brought cultural gifts from their own countries. Items ranged from crafts, musical instruments, local delicacies and drinks to souvenirs. Visitors explained about their countries while the Ramada Plaza provided an international buffet from fish, chips and mushy peas to Japanese delicacies.

Isotech waved the local flag providing a seaside theme complete with buckets and spades, not forgetting Southport Rock. Visitors were presented with a range of traditional British items from a china tea set to a signed Liverpool football while local musicians played sax and guitar.

The event was a great success and Isotech look forward to continuing to support the global need for temperature calibration and with a new range of products to ensure it remains a global leader.

New Quick Selection Guides and Catalog Updates

March 2013 Isotech Catalog Downloads

For 2014 we have updated the catalogs and produced new publications, "Selection Guide for Thermometry Bridges and Precision Thermometers", "A Guide to Industrial Calibration" and "Selection Guide: Stirred Liquid Baths". They show the benefits of Isotech and how to avoid mistakes when selecting equipment.

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New MilliK Channel Expander

March 2013 Isotech MilliK with new Milliskanner

Following the success of the highly accurate milliK Precision Thermometer Isotech are pleased to introduce the "millisKanner" This eight channel device expands the milliK to create an innovative multi channel system that is unmatched in terms of accuracy and flexibility. Up to four millisKanners can be connected adding 32 expansion channels, each easily controlled from the milliK.

With accuracy to 3mK (0.003C) and a resolution of 0.0001C the system can be used with both laboratory and industrial types of standard thermometers, SPRT's, PRT's, Thermistors, Thermocouples. The milliK also supports 4-20mA Process Inputs, the ability to control Isotech Dry Blocks and Baths and virtually unlimited logging capacity.

It is also suited for both calibration laboratories and high accuracy measurements in industrial and scientific applications.

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New Resistance Thermometry Bridges Provide Greater Accuracy and Additional Features for NMI Temperature Metrologists

September, 2011 Isotech MicroK Thermometry Bridge

The Isotech microK Thermometry Bridges have quickly established an excellent reputation for both measuring performance and innovation.

Customers include National Measurement Institutes (NMI's), Research Organisations and Accredited Temperature Calibration Laboratories.

The complete range now include a GPIB IEEE interface as well as the earlier serial and USB interfaces, additionally the microK 70 and 125 have an Ethernet port and to allow monitoring and control from across a network.

The microK 70 and 125 are ideal for Primary Laboratories with a ratio accuracy of <0.02ppm, the microK 250 and 500 are ideal for Secondary Laboratory applications with an equivalent temperature accuracy to 0.06mK, 0.00006C.

As well as Standard Resistance Thermometers the microK range can make high accuracy measurements from Standard Thermocouples, measuring voltage to an accuracy of 250nV

Quite simply, no other Thermometry Bridge is available that can achieve such high accuracy SPRT measurements and support laboratory standard thermocouples.

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Isotech TTI-10 Calibration Thermometer

New Product: TTI-10 Thermometer

August, 2011

The new TTI-10 is a high accuracy handheld temperature indicator with two platinum resistance thermometer inputs. The high precision makes the instrument particularly suitable as a portable reference thermometer to use alongside Isotech temperature calibrators such as the Fast-Cal, Isocal-6 and Dry Block ranges. It is also suited for high accuracy measurements in industrial and scientific applications.

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Isotech Millik Calibration Thermometer

New Product: MilliK Secondary Thermometer

April, 2011

New Precision Thermometer for industrial calibration and measurement

  • High Accuracy Measurement to 0.003C
    SPRTs, PRTs, Thermistors, Thermocouples and 4 - 20mA Process Inputs
  • Controls Calibration Baths
  • Logs Data

Isotech are pleased to announce the milliK, a new Precision Thermometer named after the unit for one thousandth of a degree Celsius, 1mK, 0.001C. The milliK is accurate to 3mK (0.003C) with a resolution of 0.0001C.

It can be used with both laboratory and industrial types of standard thermometers:- SPRTs, PRTs, Thermocouples, Thermistors and process inputs. In addition to high accuracy measurement, the milliK logs data with virtually unlimited capacity and can also be used to control Isotech Dry Blocks and temperature calibration baths.

Data can be logged to a USB Memory Drive or internal memory and opened directly in Microsoft Excel. The large colour display has both numeric and graphical display modes and facilitates easy configuration of the instrument.

The milliK has three input channels, two for resistance thermometer or thermocouple inputs and a third input for current transmitters. It is compatible with Isotech's automatic calibration software and multiplexors.

The instrument can be programmed with a range of data to suit both ITS-90 (SPRT) and IEC 751 (EN 60751) conversions and there is sufficient memory to store data for an unlimited number of probes. To ease data entry, a keyboard can be attached via the USB port.

The milliK is an ideal instrument for calibrating industrial temperature sensors with its ability to measure all sensor types, support Standard Thermometers and to interface with Isotech calibration baths. Other applications include high accuracy measuring and logging in pharmaceutical, research, scientific, industrial and environmental monitoring.

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Isotech Resistance Bridge Calibrator (RBC)

Resistance Bridge Calibrator - Development License Signed

October, 2010

Isothermal Technology Ltd has signed a license to Develop, Sell and Produce IRL's Resistance Bridge Calibrator

Industrial Research Ltd of New Zealand (IRL) has developed and patented a Resistance Bridge Calibrator designed for quick and simple, in-house calibrations of AC and DC thermometry bridges, with an accuracy of better than 0.1 ppm at 100 . The calibrators are supported by software for analysis of the results, and an extensive user manual with a complete description of the operating principles and an uncertainty analysis.

Isotech are a world recognised producer of instrumentation for both primary and secondary temperature measurement laboratories including electronic thermometers and bridges, ITS-90 fixed point systems, calibration baths and furnaces.

The calibrators are a result of research carried out at the Measurement Standards Laboratory of New Zealand, which operates within IRL. IRL is one of New Zealand's National research institutes focused on the industrial application of science and engineering.

Rod White of IRL, who developed the bridge calibrator, says, We're really pleased that Isotech has agreed to take on the calibrator. We're a national laboratory and we don't have the resources to manufacture at low cost or distribute efficiently. Now we can focus on research and improvements.This arrangement is also good for thermometrists. In our experience, as many as 15% of thermometry bridges develop small faults but, like walking wounded, they continue to provide a plausible reading. Having access to a simple calibrator that can prove a bridge is operating correctly, within an hour or so, is very valuable.

The operating principle of the calibrator is very simple. One way of checking a bridge is to measure the resistance of a pair of resistors separately, and then measure the two in series. Ideally, the series measurement should equal sum of the two individual measurements. The calibrator enables similar comparisons but with four precision resistors measured in up to 70 different series and parallel combinations. Because the interrelationships of all 70 combinations are known in terms of the four base resistances, the measurements can be analysed to provide up to 66 independent measurements of the bridge error.

To date, research models of the RBC have demonstrated accuracies better than 2ppb. Isotech have two models immediately available, one optimised for 25 thermometry and one for 100 thermometry accurate better than 0.1ppm at 100.

John Tavener, President of Isotech comments, I have known of the RBC for many years, in fact it has been invaluable for the development of the Isotech range of microK thermometry bridges, it is the only simple method for calibrating and verifying their performance. I am honoured that my organisation has the opportunity to work with IRL. We have some 90 distributors globally and are looking forward to helping laboratories worldwide to benefit from this technology.

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Isotech Orion Temperature Calibration Baths

New Stirred Liquid Calibration Baths

September, 2010

We are pleased to confirm the launch of the Orion L calibration bath with a range of -80C to 125C

The new Orion L complements the Orion M and H Models and features a deep calibration volume of 470mm (18.5"), variable stirring speed, variable cooling power and advanced over and under temperature protection.

The bath is suitable for long LIG thermometers, extended length SPRTs and can accommodate large Water Triple Point Cells.

Isotech is Silver Sponsor for TEMPMEKO & ISHM 2010

July, 2010

In June 2010 Isotech was a Silver Sponsor of TEMPMEKO & ISHM 2010 in Portorož, Slovenia. This important International Symposium attracts metrologists from many countries presenting research work. The full book of abstracts can now be downloaded from the TEMPMEKO website. Isotech presented three papers, the following presentations are now available for download, see document library

Isotech Celebrates 30 Years in Business

November, 2009

We are proud to announce we are celebrating our 30th year in business!

* Innovation
* Precision
* Experience

Isotech was founded in 1980 by John Tavener and has grown to be a global leader in temperature calibration solutions.

From portable temperature calibrators covering the range -100C to 1200C to laboratory equipment operating with an accuracy of 0.00007C Isotech have a solution for all temperature calibration needs.

Isotech's UKAS accredited temperature calibration laboratory has achieved a number of firsts and operates to an accuracy only matched by the largest of National Measurement Institutes.

Isotech calibration standards are now in use all over the globe and Isotech have supplied and installed complete laboratories in the Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Europe.

Many nations rely on Isotech Primary Standards and many engineers safeguard lives by calibrating life-critical apparatus with Isotech products.

In March 2010 Isotech held an international distributor meeting with delegates from 37 different countries.

Isotech Isotower Temperature Fixed Point Systems

New Product: ITS-90 Isothermal Towers

July, 2009

Isotech are pleased to announce availability of a new type of ITS-90 Calibration Device. These devices use a siphonic cell - a combined heat pipe and ITS-90 Fixed Point Cell. Additionally an immersion compensator provides an isothermal zone to compensate for stem conduction problems.

The result is an affordable calibration solution providing performance that previously has required large and expensive furnaces and cells.

These "ITS-90 Isothermal Towers" are available in four models covering the Indium 156C, Tin 232C, Zinc 419C and Aluminium 660C Fixed Points

The units are robust and readily shipped!

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