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Thermocouple References

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Isotech, Model 842 Ambient Thermocouple Referencing System Thermocouple Reference, Model 842 Ambient TC Referencing System

Environmental Referencing Unit
Ideal for Systems with wide Swings in Ambient Operating Range
The Perfect System for Aircraft Engine Test Stands

  • Waterproof Cased Ambient Temperature
  • Thermocouple Referencing System
  • Large Capacity up to 100 Thermocouples
  • Wide Ambient Range
  • Approved for Power Station Use
  • Rack Mounted Ambient Temperature Referencing System
  • 19" Rack Mounting

Isotech Model 938 - Ice Point Reference Ice Point Reference, Model 938

Thermocouple Cold Junction Reference Unit

0C (32F)
Accuracy of 0.03C

  • Thermocouple Referencing to ISO9000 at 0C, in ambients of up to 65C or elevated reference temperature
  • References up to 100 Thermocouples
  • Direct Replacement for other Units

Isotech, Model 885 - TRIO 3 Channel Thermocouple Compensator Model 885 - TRIO 3 Channel Thermocouple Compensator

Three-Channel Thermocouple Referencing Unit

  • 3 Channel Thermocouple Referencing System
  • Accurate
  • Portable

Isotech Multi-Channel Thermocouple Reference TRU 100 Multi-Channel Thermocouple Referencing Unit

100-Channel Thermocouple Referencing System
Available in 19" Rack Mount Chassis
Commonly Use in Aircraft and Power Plants to Optimize Thermocouple Measurements

  • Thermocouple Referencing to ISO9000 at 0C in Ambient Temperatures up to 65C or elevated reference temperatures between 45C and 70C
  • References Up To 100 Thermocouples
  • Pre-wired Thermocouples, Compact Design
  • The TRURAC Combines Two TRU 100 in a 19 Rack-Mount Enclosure for the Referencing of Up To 200 Thermocouples