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Dry Block Calibrators

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Isotech, ISOCAL 6 Calibrators, Combined Dry Block and Liquid Baths
ISOCAL6 Dry Block Calibrators, Europa, Venus & Calisto
Base Price: $4,761.00

3 Models to choose from covering -45C to 250C (482F)

  • 6 calibrators in 1
  • Liquid baths, infrared, dryblock & ITS-90 fixed points all in one
  • 35mm Calibration Volume
  • 0.3C Dry Block Accuracy
  • Fast Heating and Cooling Time
Isocal 6 (Standard Volume) Datasheet

Isotech, Jupiter 650 Dry Block Calibrator
JUPITER 650 - High Temperature Dry Block Calibrator
Base Price: $5,106.00

Temperature Range of 30C to 650C (1202F)
  • Accuracy: 0.3C (display to block)
  • Uniformity: Use of a specialized high conductivity block results in superior uniformity
  • Wide Operating Range: Fast response up to 650C (1202F) ideal for field use
  • Simple To Use and Outstanding Value
  • Calibrate to entire loop by using a heat source rather than an electrical simulator, a test instrument and sensor can be calibrated as a system
Jupiter 650 Datasheet

Isotech, Pegasus 1200, High Temp Drywell
PEGASUS 1200 - High Temperature Dry Block Calibrator
Base Price: $5,607.00

Temperature Range of 150C to 1200C (2192F)
  • Accuracy: 3.0C (display to block)
  • Stability: Better than 0.3C over the range
  • Unique Accessories: Infrared calibration and fast cool down attachments
  • Simple To Use and Outstanding Value
  • Perfect for high tempertaure switches
Pegasus 1200 Datasheet

ISOCAL 6 Calibrators, Combo Baths, Dry Block and Liquid in one
ISOCAL 6 Calibration Baths, Hyperion & Drago Models
Base Price: $5,742.00

Temperature range covering -25C to 250C (482F), in two models
  • 2.5 (65mm) Diameter Calibration Volume
  • Portable Liquid Bath for high accuracy calibration of awkward shaped sensors
  • Convertible for Dry Block Operation and more
  • Calibrates All Sensor Types
  • Windows Software and PC Interface
  • Available in the Hyperion 936 and Drago 934 Models
Isocal 6 (Large Volume) Datasheet

QUICKCAL - Hand-Held Dry Block Temperature Calibrator
QUICKCAL - Hand-Held Dry Block Temperature Calibrator
Base Price: $1,995.00

Two models available, 30C to 350C (662F), and -12C to 140C (284F)

  • Wide temperature ranges: cover most sensor types with just two units
  • Fast: Nine minutes to reach temperature
  • Better accuracy: 0.4C to 0.2C, using comparison techniques
  • Light, compact, and portable
  • Interchangeable inserts: have one unit with multiple inserts to suite different sensor diameters

QuickCal Datasheet

Isotech 525, the World's First -100°C Dry Block Calibrator
525 is the World's First -100C Dry Block Calibrator

Minimum temperature of -100C (-148C)

  • No hazardous or expensive liquids.
  • Stability of 0.02C at -90C.
  • 20,000 hours of testing, equal to 10 years of use.
  • Patented technology.
  • Uses flexible heat pipe to transfer energy.
  • C.E. approved.
  • UKAS/ILAC, NIST Traceable Certification availiable.
ISIS Datasheet

Isotech Fastcal Dryblock Temperature Calibrators
Dryblock Calibrators, Fast Cal Series Drywells
Base Price: $4,275.00

Available in 3 Ranges:
Low -35C to 140C, Medium 30C to 350C and High 35C to 650C
  • Lightweight (15 lbs.)
  • Fast response, high stability.
  • Incorporate a built-in Insert holder for ultra fast changes and calibration cycles. (Medium and High Fast-Cal models)
  • Standard PC interface with software.
  • Fast-Cal design is modern and complies with all the relevant requirements and directives which are applicable.
  • 5 point NIST traceable calibration certificate included.
FastCal Datasheet

Isotech Gemini High Capacity Dry Blocks up to 700°C
GEMINI - High Capacity Dry Block Calibrators
Base Price: $4,761.00

Temperature Range of 30C to 700C (1292F)
  • Display to Block Accuracy Better than 0.5C
  • Calibrate Whole Calibration Loop --Using a heat source rather than an electrical simulator a test instrument and probe can be calibrated as a system.
  • High Capacity Block -- Large Calibration volume for many sensors and low loading errors.
  • Two Operating Ranges -- Fast response from ambient to 550C (1022F) or ambient to 700C (1292F)
  • Simple To Use -- Outstanding Value for Money!
Gemini Product Spec Sheet

Isotech, Medusa 3 Zone Temperature Calibrator
MEDUSA - P.O.T.T.S Temperature Calibrator
Base Price: $6,174.00

3 Zone Block Calibrator or Automated Fixed Points

30C to 700C (1202F)

  • High Capacity Deep Block -- 1.75 diameter x 11.25 deep (45mm x 285mm)
  • Use for Comparison and Fixed-Point Calibration
  • Use With Very Long Thermometers
  • Blackbody Target and Surface Sensor Kit Options
Medusa Product Spec Sheet
Isotech, Oceanus 6, Deep Immersion Dry Block
Oceanus 6 - P.O.T.T.S Temperature Calibrator
Base Price: $9,003.00

Block Calibrator or Automated Fixed Points

-25C to 140C (282F)
10" Deep for Long Sensors
Optional Inserts for Black Body & Liquid Bath

  • Universal Input Temperature Indicator included in S Model to allow for programming of up to five correction points
  • ITS-90 Fixed Points can be used with the Gallium and Triple Point of Water Fixed Point Cells
  • Dry or Liquid Bath
  • Windows Software and PC Interface
  • High Capacity Deep Block for Very Long Thermometers
  • Ideal for Laboratory Comparison and Fixed-Point Calibrations


Dry block calibrators (dry wells) are used in metrological calibration of the thermal and thermodynamic properties of temperature measurement equipment, like temperature sensors, thermometers and other measuring instruments.

Our dry block calibrators are designed to fully automate the process of temperature calibration and have a PC interface that allows them to connect to a computer and work with compatible software.

We have portable dry block calibrators that, due to their smaller sizes and lighter weights than the stationary laboratory calibrators, are best for in-field applications and can be used by engineers in a variety of industries.

For better metrological accuracy, every model or its modification is designed for a specific temperature range. In our catalog you will find calibrators for low temperature ranges down to -100C (-148F) and high temperature ranges up to 1200C (2192F).

Some dry block calibrators have an extended functionality and can also be used as a blackbody source, fixed point or liquid bath.

Isotech offers a variety of dry block calibrators designed for specific needs. Answering the following questions will help you select the appropriate dry well calibrator:

  1. What temperature range do I need to cover?
  2. What's more important to me, measuring the speed of changing temperatures or stability, capacity and immersion depth of the block?
  3. What basic accuracy do I need, or will I use a reference thermometer as my temperature standard?
  4. Would I like the flexibility to change my dry block calibrator into a liquid bath, blackbody source or fixed point apparatus?
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