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Thermometry Bridges

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Isotech, MicroK Thermometry Bridge MicroK Precision Thermometer

3 Channel Primary Standard Thermometer for SPRTS, Thermocouples, & Thermistors
  • Accuracy: 0.07 ppm (0.017mK at 0C) to 0.5 ppm in 4 different models
  • Resolution: 0.000001C. (0.001mK)
  • Zero Drift for resistance ratio measurements and only 3ppm/year on voltage
  • Keep-warm currents for SPRTs
  • 0 to 10mA sense currents
  • Touch Screen, USB mouse, Keyboard and USB drive as standard - Simple Operation
  • <2 second measurement time
MicroK Datasheet

RBC - Resistance Bridge Calibrator RBC - Resistance Bridge Calibrator

New Resistance Bridge Calibrator
Now Available in Automated Model
  • Calibrate AC & DC thermometry bridges quickly, simply and in-house
  • High Accuracy better than 0.1 ppm at 100 Ohms
  • Patented design licensed from IRL (New Zealand NMI)
  • Software Included Windows application for full analysis and reporting
  • Proven Already being used at NMI (National Metrology Institutes) worldwide

Isotech, MilliK Precision Thermometer MilliK Precision Thermometer

New SPRT/PRT, Thermocouple, & Thermistor Precision Thermometer
  • Range: -270C to 1820C (3308F)
  • Accuracy: 0.005C (5mK) full range for PRTS
  • Resolution: 0.0001C (0.1mK)
  • SPRT/PRT, Thermocouple, Thermistor and 4-20mA Inputs
  • Full color graphical display
  • Store up to 180 days of measurements
  • Can control Isotech calibration baths
  • 4 AA batteries or universal power supply

MilliK Datasheet

Base Price: $4,665.00
F18 AC Resisitance Thermometry Bridge F18 AC Resistance Bridge

Peak performance in resistance thermometer measurement

0.1ppm (25 K) over entire range

  • Resolution of 0.003ppm (0.75 K)
  • Linearity of <0.01ppm
  • Stability of <0.02ppm/year
  • Fast measurement time (2 seconds balance)
  • Differential and absolute measurement
  • Warm up time <30 seconds
  • Traceable to International Standards

ASL F900 AC Resistance Thermometry Bridge F900 Primary Standard AC Resistance Bridge

Designed Specifically for Resistance Thermometry to Provide the Best Possible Accuracy.

Accuracy of 20PPB (5 K) over entire range

  • Resolution of 0.5ppb (0.125 K)
  • Fast measurement time (2 seconds balance)
  • Differential and absolute measurement
  • No warm up time
  • Traceable to International Standards