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Primary Calibration Standards

ITS-90 Fixed Points Thermometry Bridges SPRT's & Primary Thermocouples

ITS-90 Fixed Points

Isotech manufactures ITS-90 fixed point cells for the realization of ITS-90 and as intrinsic primary temperature standards.

Thermometry Bridges

Thermometry Bridges, including the new microK precision thermometer and AC resistance bridges from ASL.

SPRT's & Primary Thermocouples

Isotech SPRT's & Primary Thermocouples are used in calibration laboratories world wide.
Standard Resistors Liquid Calibration Baths Metrology Furnaces

Temperature Controlled Standard Resistor

Primary standard resistors from Tinsley Wilkens, these resistors have been chosen by most national laboratories.

Liquid Calibration Baths

Metrology Calibration Baths for optimal stability and uniformity. These baths are ideal for comparison calibrations.

Metrology Furnaces

Heat pipe furnaces & high temerature thermocouple calibration furnaces ncluind or famous saturn shperical furnace.